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Bleh by pixieVixen Bleh :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 1 What do you see? by pixieVixen What do you see? :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 2 1 Early morning by pixieVixen Early morning :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 0 Tiger by pixieVixen Tiger :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 1 0 Spidey vs Venom by pixieVixen Spidey vs Venom :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 0
A friend once close to me..
Drifted before my eyes.
I couldn't see it coming.
My heart created this disguise.
The line remains unanswered.
No hope for us remains.
The friendship between us severed.
All I have from this is pain.
:iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 1 0
Just One
JUST ONE glance was all it took..
To make my mind race.
JUST ONE smile and then I knew..
For me there was no escape.
JUST ONE night with you was enough..
To make my dreams come true.
JUST ONE year my hearts been beating..
Beating just for you.
:iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 0
Ever Since Radio by pixieVixen Ever Since Radio :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 2 MEH once more by pixieVixen MEH once more :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 0 Clean the Mirror by pixieVixen Clean the Mirror :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 1
Words are preached. Yet are they true?
Not sure what to believe.
Above is someone watching?
Above all I see is blue.
Am I here alone?
Is there someone to guide me?
Or like the waves against the stone
Do I whither away.
Precoius life in thing lines stops pumping.
For a reason? For some cruel fate?
He's slipping away.
Crimson upon the streets.
Is he over looked?
Or is there no one watching any of us.
The space above is empty.
Much like our souls below.
Is anyone up there helping?
Or like the waves against the stone
Do we whither away.
:iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 1 2
You say yes.
I say no.
You say stop.
I say go.
You whisper
I  scream
I love nightmares
While you have dreams
Your hot
I'm cold
You're soft.
But I'm rough.
You're open
I'm closed
You're sweet
And I'm sour.
You love me.
I love you.
:iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 2 0
Killah by pixieVixen Killah :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 1 2
Mature content
Long Night. :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 0
Dock at Sunset by pixieVixen Dock at Sunset :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 4 Lmao by pixieVixen Lmao :iconpixievixen:pixieVixen 0 1

Random Favourites

vivi ornitier by jisuk vivi ornitier :iconjisuk:jisuk 2,693 314 Resident Evil 4 - Downtime by wynahiros Resident Evil 4 - Downtime :iconwynahiros:wynahiros 6,192 815 MICROWAVE are dangerous by EmptyShadow MICROWAVE are dangerous :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 918 382 short action film by EmptyShadow short action film :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 427 295
It had happened a year ago…. the day you left me. But even then you were still with me, but later…later you had truly left me.
        I sat down on the cold grass at Krista's Peak, my feet hanging off the edge. I looked out over the town, seeing all the tiny houses lit up for the upcoming holidays. A cool breeze brushed past me and I rubbed my hands up and down my arms trying to stay warm while waiting for you to arrive. I wondered what you had come to talk about. You sounded so serious on the phone, the second we hung up I ran here to meet you. I waited a few minutes before I heard your footsteps behind me, your labored breathing. You had run here as well it seemed. I saw no reason to turn around; you would only be sitting beside me in a moment or two. You did.
        I sighed as I felt you settle down besides me, your hand reaching for mine engulfing it. "What's wrong, Braden? Why'd you call me out here at 2 am on Christmas Eve…well actually it's Christmas now I suppose, but sti
:iconhpfreak:HPfreak 2 20
Just A Kiss
Frightful phrases from haunted lips,
Poisonous ink-laced kiss.
Tactless tongue walks a thin red line,
Lewdly begging any other to entwine.
Mouthing sweet and dirty, silent nothings,
Calling forth desires long left wanting.
Garish gasping from drying lips,
Frantic carnal wishes.
Weak attempt of a tired tongue,
Exhausted by acts presumed morally wrong.
Drawing forth flesh to a mouth,
Nourishment from pleasure found.
:iconobsidian-sun:Obsidian-Sun 5 2
eye candy by EmptyShadow eye candy :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 531 380
Just smile and wave,
pretend everything's okay.
Don't let them see you down.
They won't listen to the sound,
of a borken soul screaming.
Just a whisper it is to them,
a broken seam of a hem.
Knowing it's there,
but not giving a care.
Turning heads with disregard.
So why bother trying,
when you only feel like dying.
Staying alone, locked away,
trying to keep the tears at bay,
While the fear sets in.
Fear of being alone forever?
or of loving someone never?
So smile and wave,
pretend it's all okay.
Life will soon be over.
:iconsmjzjess:SmJzJess 1 1
Kill ze boredom by EmptyShadow Kill ze boredom :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 932 528 even on christmas by EmptyShadow even on christmas :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 1,245 525 FFVII: Advent Children - CLOUD by pbozproduction FFVII: Advent Children - CLOUD :iconpbozproduction:pbozproduction 3,031 1,295 FF9-  Loss of Kuja by Saimain FF9- Loss of Kuja :iconsaimain:Saimain 2,994 550 Final Fantasy X - Anima by wynahiros Final Fantasy X - Anima :iconwynahiros:wynahiros 1,957 393 Left Alone by SmJzJess Left Alone :iconsmjzjess:SmJzJess 2 0 Lullaby - A Final Rest by pupukachoo Lullaby - A Final Rest :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 2,143 381 Take me.. by SmJzJess Take me.. :iconsmjzjess:SmJzJess 1 0



WTF Mate?
United States
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One of the most disappointing things about submitting art is when you submit something that you're really proud of and actually think is good....and you get no comments on it.


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